Petroleum Africa

Petroleum Africa is the world’s leading monthly magazine dedicated to providing in-depth upstream and downstream coverage of key issues affecting the fast-paced oil and gas industries of Africa, the last great exploration frontier. Its broad-based coverage and analysis of current activities provides you with the latest news, an African country focus, exclusive interviews, technology updates, company profiles, and essential political reviews from the world’s top energy players.
And for daily news from the continent offers the latest information as it happens, along with an event calendar, country reports, industry links, and access to Petroleum Africa magazine articles.

The Oil & Gas Year

The Oil & Gas Year is an exclusive series of annual reports and events dedicated to global energy executives.

TOGY reports cover more than 30 oil-rich markets and feature interviews with the key stakeholders of the international energy industry, in-depth articles, analyses and resources.

TOGY books present a clear picture of the global hydrocarbons industry and its associated sectors, from banking and finance to midstream and downstream.

Strategic roundtables, book launches and networking events bring government and industry stakeholders face to face to discuss dynamic and evolving business environments.

From the leaders to the leaders, The Oil & Gas Year is the Who’s Who of the global energy industry.

Africa Oil + Gas Report

The Africa Oil + Gas Report is the primer on oil and gas industry on the continent, with a print run of 25,000 copies and e-copies mailed to over 20,000 recipients around the world. Each of our 12 editions in a year, apart from being distributed to subscribers, are targeted at participants in key conferences on the continent. Our subscription pool is made of oil and gas professionals and ranking bureaucrats in Lagos, Abuja, Warri, and Port Harcourt (Nigeria), Alexandria, Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town, Johannesburg (South Africa), London (UK) and Houston (United States).

Our magazine take off point is Nigeria which, through the Niger Delta alone holds more than 25% of total oil and gas reserves on the continent, and 60% of the reserves in the gulf of Guinea (from offshore Abidjan to Angola). We cover Africa extensively from Lagos, a tiny but heavily polluted city on the South Atlantic. Every month, we capture the essential summary of oil and gas activity, and provide insight and sort of energy intelligence and insider information to guide everyone from the prospecting E & P Company to project finance institution.

The Business Year

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